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Driving School Veldhoven

Steering you in the right direction.

Driving School Veldhoven offers personal and professional driving lessons near Veldhoven. We focus on your personal development. Because of our personal approach, we can guarantee you will become a capable driver with confidence.

driving school veldhoven

Start your driving lessons in Veldhoven

Driving lessons are all about learning new skills. To learn these skills, it is important to feel comfortable with your instructor. Driving School Veldhoven uses the same instructor for each student. In this way, you can build a relationship and this will improve your process to become a capable driver.

Would you like to experience what it is like to take driving lessons with us? We offer a trial lesson. During this lesson we can monitor your driving capabilities. After this we will make a plan about how to achieve your driver’s license as soon as possible.

Driving School Veldhoven has been providing driving lessons around the area of Veldhoven, Helmond, Eindhoven and Waalwijk for years. Because of our experience, we can prepare you optimally for your exam. Together we are going to make sure that you get your license. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us!

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Why choose Driving School Veldhoven?

The customized driving lessons in Veldhoven offered by our driving school are your way to the desired driver’s license. Driving School Veldhoven takes a personal approach to make you a confident driver. We make a personal plan based on the skills you have shown during the trial lesson. Feel free to request a trial lesson. You can do this at the bottom of the page.

For those people who want or need their driver’s license quickly, we offer a speed course package. With the speed course package, you can get your driver’s license with a fast track. If you have a busy schedule during the week, you can follow driving lessons in Veldhoven in the evening or even on weekend days. There are no added fees for lessons in the evening or weekend.

Driving School Veldhoven makes sure that you can follow qualitative driving lessons near Veldhoven in an affordable way!

driving school veldhoven
driving school veldhoven

Speed course driver’s license Veldhoven

With our speed course package, you can get your driver’s license within 10 working days. This means that after just two weeks of lessons, you can already take the practical exam. As you would expect from us, we will do everything in our power to prepare you optimally for the exam.

If you are interested to start the speed course, it is important to know that you need to be in the possession of the theory certificate. After you have the certificate, we can start with the preparations and plan the practical exam. Together we will practice hard until the date of the exam. Did you pass your exam? Congratulations! You can now request your driver’s license and enjoy getting on the road.

Driving schools in Veldhoven

Near Veldhoven, there are many driving schools and students. Because there is plenty of choice, it is important to choose one where you feel comfortable. Driving School Veldhoven thinks it is important to build a relationship between the instructor and student. This is the reason why we offer our trial package of two lessons of 50 minutes for only 50 euros. With this trial lesson, you can find out if you are feeling comfortable at Driving School Veldhoven.

driving school veldhoven

Follow a free trial lesson at Driving School Breda

During the trial lesson you get to know your instructor. You will also get an image how the rest of your lessons will look like. After the trial lesson we tailor a plan for you to give you an indication of how many lessons you might need. You can also follow our English driving lessons in Eindhoven or Tilburg.

Packages and Prices

What are the costs for getting your license at our driving school? We think it’s important that getting a driver’s license is accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer many different packages and you can pay in installments. You can combine the packages to buy (extra) lessons for € 50,- per lesson.

Do you want to get your driver’s license quickly? We offer a program in which you will get your license in one month. Our rush course has an additional fee of €199,-.

Keep up your progress in our app, get your homework assignments and appointment confirmations through the app.

Free trial lesson

Online English spoken Dutch theory course

70 minutes

English speaking instructor

Manual & automatic car available

Inclusive use of student app

*Only free available for students who have no foreign driving license 

*Only free in combination with package C 

€ 50,-

NOW €0,-

Package A

Save money on your driving lesson

10 driving lessons

English speaking instructor

Modern lesson car

Payments in terms available

Inclusive use of student app

* Only once usable

€ 500,-

NOW €470,-

Package B

Save money on your driving lesson

19 driving lessons

Free re-exam CBR

English speaking instructor

Payments in terms available

Modern lesson car

Inclusive use of student app

€ 950,-

NOW €895,-

Package C

Save money on your driving lesson

39 driving lessons

Free re-exam CBR

Free trial lesson

Payments in terms available

English speaking instructor

Modern lesson car

Inclusive use of student app

€ 2100,-

NOW €1795,-

Theory course English

Get your theory in 1 day!

1 Day Theory crash course

100% Passing rate
(if you fail, your allowed to attend the class second time for free)

Real CBR updated questions

Theory in fluent English

All instructors are WRM certified

Follow class on location or zoom

€ 120,-

NOW €89,-


Practical exam CBR € 295,-
Intermittent exam CBR € 190,-
Practical exam performance anxiety € 50,-
Single lesson € 50,-
Automatic car allowance € 5,-
Trial lesson € 50,-
English theory course € 65,-

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