Driving school Helmond

Driving School Helmond

Steering you in the right direction.

Before you can hit the open road, you have to be a good driver. For this you need various driving skills. Driving School Helmond strives to steer you in the right direction. Driving School Helmond teaches new students to develop good traffic insight. This is done by means of various exercises and traffic situations that the student will encounter. Every student is special. That is why we use a personal and professional approach, which is customized to the student. This way, every student can get their driver’s license at their own pace.

driving school helmond

Start your driving development at Driving School Helmond

An important aspect in developing new competences is the guidance and the instructor. Personal development is very important to us. It is not about time, but about perfect driving skills. You will benefit from this for a lifetime. That is why we use certified instructors. In addition, you will be assigned to an instructor for the rest of the driving lesson period so that you always keep the same instructor. Therefore, you can build a relationship to become more confident while driving.

There are several important aspects that you have to take into account when you look for a driving school. Aspects like price, instructor, driving school, working method, times of driving lessons, corona measures, location.

We have been using a personal development plan for each student. This particular method has worked for many years, that is why we have many satisfied students and a high success rate. Are you interested? Contact us with the button below.

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Why choose Driving School Helmond?

Our slogan is aligned with our core value– “Steering you in the right direction.

Together we strive to get your driver’s license. Our lessons are especially customized to your own pace, needs, current skills and wishes. So, you don’t feel tense during the driver’s lessons. It is important that you feel comfortable while driving. You will learn that driving is fun and even relaxing.

Perhaps you are in a hurry to get your license, because you need it for your work or you really want to make a road trip during the summer vacation. Then it’s understandable that you want to get your driver’s license as fast as possible!

This is possible at Drivers School Helmond. We offer a speed course package for students who want to get their driver’s license fast. We also offer driving lessons during the weekend and in the evening. So if you have an irregular work schedule, that’s no problem for us!

With Driving School Helmond, you can follow affordable, qualitative driving lessons in and near Helmond.

driving school helmond
driving school helmond

Speed course driver’s license Helmond

At the moment a lot of people want to get their driver’s license as quickly as possible. This is due to the corona easing measures that the Dutch government has announced a couple of weeks ago. Therefore, it is even more interesting to buy a speed course package. A speed course makes it possible for you to get a driver’s license within 10 days. After 2 weeks of driving lessons, you can prove that you have everything that is necessary to pass the exam.

Before you can start with the speed course, you must be in possession of a theory certificate. Without this certificate, you are not allowed to participate in the speed course. After we have applied for a health certificate from the CBR and it has been approved, then we can plan the practical exam.

Driving schools in Helmond

Helmond is a city that has many driving schools and inhabitants. There is plenty of choice for you to choose a good and affordable driving school. Keep in mind that you need to feel comfortable with your instructor and the car. You will spend many hours in the car with the professional guidance of our certificated instructors. This will eventually make you a capable driver!

Follow an intake at Driving School Breda

We also offer an intake. In this session, you will get a good impression about our driving instructor, the driving school and the potential car. After the intake, you will have a clear image about the structure and work methods that we use. This method is specifically customized to each student. After the session we will give you an indication of the number of lessons we think you’ll need.

Packages and prices

What are the costs of getting your license at driving school Eindhoven? We think it’s important that getting a drivers license is accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer many different packages which you can pay in installments. You can combine the packages to buy (extra) lessons.

Keep up your progress in our app, get your homework assignments and appointment confirmations through the app.

Speed Package

✔ 10 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

Theory Course

Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Driver Package

✔ 20 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

Theory Course

Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Study Bulbs

✔ 25 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Super Driver

✔ 35 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Drive Your Way

✔ 40 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

✔ Interim Exam


Extra options

✔ Refresh course: 5 lessons = 300,-

✔ Single Exam = €285,-

✔ Single Interim Test = €255,-

✔ Single BNOR Exam = €320,-

✔ Single Performance Anxiety Exam = €315,-

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